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Theme-based curriculum planners for busy educators

Create fun and engaging activities for children of all ages

Enrolment in our Monthly plans opens twice a year, January and July

If you'd like to be notified when membership opens again, sign up with your name and email address.

Follow the interests of the child with our easy to use curriculum planners.  New themes available each month. 

Get you access to a variety of themes that you can use throughout the year.

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Each month you'll receive a collection of theme-based activities which you can select from to incorporate into your program.

The multi-page Curriculum Planner includes a selection of activities, listed by category:

  • Practical life

  • Sensorial

  • Language

  • Science

  • Maths

  • Culture, Arts and Craft 

  • and more, based on theme

The curriculum planner includes an information page that you can share with families about the theme., along with a list of activity which can be used for mind mapping.

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TOE Curriculum pack.png

Curriculums may include bonus done-for-you activities which you just need to print.

Activities are colour coded to help identify recommended age groups.


Sourced activities include a link to the author's website or listed activity page.

Members receive a unique code so they can download and access the resources at the discounted price.

New themes are unlocked each month.

Curriculum planners are available for early childcare educators, teachers and parents.  Suitable for educators in a family daycare service, early childcare centre, teachers and those providing in-home care, home schooling and distance learning.

A great variety of activities to select from, but not too many that will cause you to get overwhelmed.

The Montessori method and approach to learning is recognised worldwide.  Our planners include reference to Montessori terminology and Montessori inspired activities.

The Annual Collection

There are 24 planners in each Annual Collection. 

Guaranteed to give you years of great activities that you can include and rotate into your program.

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Collection # 1

Future collections

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Collection # 2

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Collection # 3

Stop wasting time searching the internet for activity ideas.  Our curriculum plans give you a wide selection of age-appropriate activities which are linked to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place.  


"As an early childcare educator, I love theme-based learning.  I follow the interests of the children and together we choose theme based activities that they want to explore.  One month we may be learning about bugs and insects, and the next we could be deep in the world of dinosaurs or hurtling through space as we learn about the solar system."

When planning a curriculum that follows children’s interests, it helps to have a good selection of activity ideas that you can quickly put together.  Activities that are age appropriate and which include a broad range of learning areas.


Theme-based learning is a fun way for children to learn and explore new topics.  Choose whether you want to change themes each month, or whether you simply want to collect our planners and create a library for yourself.  Whatever your preference, you'll be able to access a variety of fun and engaging activities to introduce children to, and extend on their interests.

There are so many educational benefits from following a theme-based curriculum, especially as it provides an integrated approach to teaching which allows children to engage in purposeful and relevant learning.  




Q:  How does the Curriculum Planner membership work?

Monthly subscription is available twice a year - late June for July, and December for January. 

Monthly access is a recurring subscription.  You will automatically be charged every month.   You may cancel at any time.  Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to future publications at the discounted price.  Due to the nature of the material and terms of sale, refunds are unavailable.

Q:  When does membership open and for how long? 

You will be able to join the membership during June and December each year.  Membership will be open during the third week of each month, ie 18th-24th of June and December.

Q:  Which collection will I receive access to?

All new members will be able to access the first collection, regardless of whether they commenced in January or July.   The two membership joining dates allow for a commencement at the beginning of the calendar year or the financial year.   

Q:  What will I receive when I join?

When you join, you will be sent an email with a unique code for you can use to download curriculums.  The code is non-transferrable and is linked to your account.  You will also be invited to join our private Facebook group for subscribed members, so you can keep informed about new releases.

Q:  How many themes will I received during the year?

Continuing your membership will see you unlocking access to new content each month, with a total of 24 themes available in the calendar or financial year.  

Q:  Will I receive anything in the mail?

No.  The curriculum planners are digital products which you can download from your computer.

Q:  When will I receive access to the new themes?

New themes will be added to our store at the start of each month.  Subscribed members will be notified about the new releases via our private Facebook group.  

Members who join in June will receive access to the first collection of planners, from July-June.   

If you join in December you will receive access to the first collection of planners, from January-December.

Q: Why do I need to download products from the store if I have a subscription?

Products can only be added to your account if you purchase them through the store.  Subscribed members receive a discount for these purchases.

Q:  Is this a curriculum?

The activities we suggest can be used to supplement and enrich your program.  They are NOT a stand-alone curriculum and should NOT be used as a replacement for your base materials.  We are not providing you with an album and not showing you how to present the classic Montessori materials or show you how to teach progressive skill development.

Q:  Why should I join if I could easily go to Pinterest and other sources to get activity ideas?


You could easily do it on your own, but how many hours will you spend searching for suitable activities?  By becoming a member, you will not only save an enormous amount of time in putting activity ideas together, you'll also save financially by receiving a discounted price per themed planner.

The Organised Educator is all about helping educators to be successful in their space, so they can have more time to engage with the children and enjoy the job they have.  This includes providing simple solutions to help you pull together theme-based curriculum activities which you can include in your program.  The activities in our planners are grouped by category and colour coded to give you easy reference to age appropriateness.  Learning outcomes are also included, making it easy for you when documenting.  

Q: Can I purchase the entire annual collection as a bundle?

Opportunity to purchase the full collection as a bundle may be available once the first-year collection has been fully released.  Payment will be a one-payment amount, giving you access to the entire collection.  

Q:  How and when can I access future collections?

Members who continue their first-year subscription without cancellation will unlock access to the second collection.  Their subscription arrangements will continue as before, with an automatic charge being made each month. 

Continued memberships will receive access to new content each month.  

Members who continue their second-year subscription without cancellation will unlock access to the third collection.  Subscription arrangements will continue as before, with an automatic charge being made each month, and new content being released each month. 

Q: If I purchase now will I be locked in at this special price?

YES!  Your price will not change as long as you maintain your paid subscription, even if we raise the price for new members in the future.

Q: What happens if I miss a payment?

Your monthly subscription payments is due at the end of each month.  In the event that a payment is missed, we will contact you and ask that you check your account details and correct any errors that may have occurred.  If payment isn't processed within the seven (7) day grace period, your subscription will be cancelled. 

Q: What do I need to do to cancel my membership? 

While we will be sad to see you go, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time.  Please give a minimum seven (7) days written notice prior to your next payment due date.  Email and we will happily assist with your request.  



Monthly access is a recurring subscription.  You will automatically be charged every month.  You may cancel at any time.  Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to future publications at the discounted rate.  

Due to the nature of the material and terms of sale, refunds are unavailable.

Monthly access
(cancel any time)
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