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Congrats on requesting our 3 free "Print n Go" PE Lesson Plans! You can access each PDF file by clicking the Download buttons below.

Step 2

These 3 lessons are awesome! But they're just a small sample of what we have to offer. Keep reading below if you want to upgrade and get access to our complete collection of Print n Go PE Lesson Plans.

If you order in the next 2 days, we'll knock 80% off the regular price and give you 2 free bonus gifts!

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Download over 80 Print and Go theme-based Lesson Plans for preschool and school aged children

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Save time.  Eliminate stress. Get the kids excited about learning today!

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As an early childhood educator, you've got a LOT on your plate.  Caring for and tending to the needs of children.  Managing the needs of families.  Maintaining a safe and compliant service.  Planning and organising your lessons..... the list goes on.

You want to get your children excited about learning. You're tired of providing the "same old" activities. And you're looking for NEW ideas to inspire and motivate everyone while discovering the joy of learning. 

But let's face it. Building your own lesson plans from scratch takes a ton of work. It's time-consuming. It's stressful. And there's no guarantee of success.


That's why we created these theme-based curriculum guides.

Each guide is packed with activity suggestions and ideas. 

Color coded to help you quickly identify find age-appropriate activities.  Linked with Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

and My Time Our Place (MTOP).

Each guide is laid out in a printable, 1-page format containing everything you need. No stress. No fuss. No frantically searching the Internet for new ideas. 

It's the ultimate time-saving resource for educators.

Includes 30 Printable Lesson Plans to Get Your Kids Excited About Learning

Each plan is jam-packed with simple, fun activities to inspire and motivate your kids.

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Each free lesson plan comes on a Printable 1-page Template

Includes learning objectives, equipment lists, safety considerations, academic standards, modifications and review questions.  Just print and go!

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Fun & flexible for any environment

Perfect for anyone who works with children.

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